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You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and that's kind of the same thing

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Brew Better, Drink Different

chá cTea is a unique tea house chain in India. At chá cTea, we are passionate about tea and believe that our immersive in-store tea experience will make you fall in love with India’s national drink and rediscover our tea-drinking culture. At chá cTea, you can buy freshly-brewed teas your way, with a wide selection of teas from across the world. We also offer several tasty treats and dishes to accompany your teas. Try something new each time, or stick to your favorites – at Cha cTea, we strive to brew better, drink different!

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Tea And Food PairingsBrew Better, Drink Different

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Doomni Black
Strong smokey black tea - Doomni Estate, Assam
Classic Green
Classic green tea blend, vegetal aroma from darjeeling
Fragrant Jasmine
Floral and fruity jasmine infused green tea from Sri Lanka
Mint Tulsi
Robust black tea blended with goodness of tulsi & mint
Rose Oolong
Oolong dark tea blended with red rose petals
Elite Elaichi
Tea infused with crushed cardamom (elaichi)
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Roasted potato & corn sandwich
A quick evening snack or breakfast.
Paneer bhurji wrap
A healthy and delicious protein enriched.
Masala omelette
Pure indian taste
Chicken Nuggets
Made perfect for toddlers to easily eat!
Penne with arrabiatta sauce
Classic Italian dish really spicy.
Paneer Veggie Delight Pizza
Classic Asian dish full of mixed vegetables
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Black Tea & Food
Fruity black teas goes well with sweet desserts,waffles, crepes, pancakes, brownies Smoky black teas goes well with chicken wings,chilli chicken, sweet chocolate tart, fruit galore pizza Earthy black teas goes well with cajun chicken,peri peri chicken, egg benedict, gnoochi with creamy tomato sauce and indian gravy items
Green Tea & Food
Vegetal green teas have a fresh, grassy flavor and go nicely with fish and wedges, egg bhurji wrap or sandwich Smoky teas are stronger and pair well with chicken satay, masala potatoes, stir-frys items and pizza Fruity green teas taste really well when served with chicken poppers, sandwiches, waffle with fruit compote and banana cake
Oolong Tea & Food
Light oolong teas go best with paneer or mushroom salt & pepper, masala omelette, omelette chicken wrap Dark oolongs go best with chicken escalope,fish cutlet, pastries and pancakes with honey
Coffee addicts & Food
Goes well with gravy items and items such as Chilli paneer, Chilli chicken and Chicken wings. Russian black, English breakfast, Doomni black and First flush teas.
Healthy And Herbal Tea & Food
Goes well with paneer satay, paneer sandwich, cheese pizza Note:- Herbal tea does not have tea leaves in it. It is also known as tisane
White Tea & Food
Vegetable salad without dressing, lightly grilled or steamed fish (on request), oats idli, poached egg, sweet french toast
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