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chá cTea is conceived and launched as a brand of unique Tea house chain in India, now only in Bhubaneswar, but expected to grow into a Pan-India chain of premium and express Tea outlets. At chá cTea, we are passionate about tea; and we believe that our uniquely immersive in-store Tea experience will make you fall in love with India's national drink and rediscover our tea drinking culture. At chá cTea, you can buy, brew and try your tea your way with teas from across the world. chá cTea will have the right tea for the right time of the day served the right way and under the right environment and experience.


Our mission is to bring people and communities together--- especially the younger generation--- by helping them enjoy teas of the world and their rich diversity and health benefits in a first-of-a-kind immersive tea museum like experience in the store


At a time when many major nations are saying no to globalization, turning xenophobic and brewing racial/religious/cultural tensions, chá cTea will aspire to unite people with the liquid from the leaves of love. It is our belief that Tea is the liquid of wisdom and hope, and can bring health, peace, love and joy.

Delicious food starts right here. Enjoy the real fresh food by our chef!

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